Conor McGregor is hit by a car while cycling: MMA fighter says vehicle went ‘full speed straight through me – thank you God it wasn’t my time’

Conor McGregor has been hit by a car whilst out cycling on his bike. The MMA fighter posted a video of the immediate aftermath on his Instagram page. Filming after the accident, the champion Irish mixed martial artist said he ‘could have been dead’ as an incredibly apologetic man tells McGregor how sorry he is.The … Opširnije

RETIRED US GENERAL AND NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: “Xi Jinping is preparing the Chinese people for war…”

China is preparing its military for war with Taiwan, retired US Army lieutenant general and former national security adviser H.R. McMaster has warned. Relations between China and Taiwan have long been strained by the island's aspirations for independence, but have become even more strained by China's increasingly aggressive leadership. Although Taiwan is considered independent from … Opširnije

The head of NATO sent a warning to the West

WESTERN countries must be ready to provide long-term support to Ukraine as Russia shows no signs of letting up, NATO's secretary general has warned. Jens Stoltenberg told the BBC that military support would ensure Ukraine's survival as a sovereign country and force Russia to sit down and negotiate an end to the war. “Russia's program … Opširnije

WATCH: Wagner PMC boss Prigozhin distributes tangerines to captured Ukrainian servicemen

Image of Wagner PMC boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. Credit: Telegram Cyber_ForceZ Yevgeny Prigozhin, the boss of the Wagner PMC, visited the front lines where he distributed a box of tangerines among captured Ukrainian servicemen.   Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian businessman and founder of the notorious Wagner PMC mercenary organisation visited and congratulated captured Ukrainian troops on the front … Opširnije

5 U.S. States Are Repaving Roads With Unrecyclable Plastic Waste–And Results Are Impressive

Headache-inducing plastic waste such as printer cartridges and plastic bags are being turned into aggregate material for asphalt road mixtures around the country. Plastic roads have built up a head of scientific steam recently, with scientists and regulators seeing roads as a decent place to reutilize plastic that is difficult to recycle in a cost-effective … Opširnije

‘When Crumble makes you sign an NDA’: Crumbl Cookies employee claims they have to put in a code to read the recipes

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming that Crumbl Cookies requires employees to enter a code and “sign an NDA” before viewing the restaurant’s recipes. In a video with over 850,000 views, TikTok user KREADY (@readyrolll) writes in the text overlay, “When crumble makes you sign a NDA and put in a code … Opširnije

‘I’m not your Lyft driver no more’: Lyft driver allegedly pretends to have flat tire to avoid driving customer

A TikToker’s video allegedly showing them being kicked out of a Lyft has sparked hefty criticism from viewers on the platform. Posted by Ricky Williams (@rickywilliams303), the video showing his Lyft driver claiming that he has a flat tire and that the rider “better get out” of his car, has drawn over 264,000 views on … Opširnije