The head of NATO sent a warning to the West

WESTERN countries must be ready to provide long-term support to Ukraine as Russia shows no signs of letting up, NATO’s secretary general has warned. Jens Stoltenberg told the BBC that military support would ensure Ukraine’s survival as a sovereign country and force Russia to sit down and negotiate an end to the war.

“Russia’s program of partial mobilization, ordered in September, showed that Moscow has no desire to end the war at the moment. Ukrainian forces have had momentum for several months, but we know that Russia has mobilized many more forces, many of them are now training,” he said.

“All of this indicates that they are ready to continue the war and try to potentially launch a new offensive. Now we must provide support to Ukraine, including military support, because that is the only way to convince Russia that it must sit down and negotiate in good faith and respect Ukraine as a sovereign independent nation in Europe,” said Stoltenberg.

“What we know is that what Ukraine can achieve at that table is entirely dependent on strength on the battlefield,” he concluded.

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